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Lose weight, get lean & get stable sugar levels, with our nutritionally balanced range.

At the Protein Bakeshop we want to help you live a healthier and fitter life. We want you to fulfill your sugar craving and have fun while doing it. To do this we have partnered with one of the best nutritionist in town, Rashi Chowdhary, who helped create all our delicious yet healthy recipes.

We took some of the healthiest ingredients, replaced refined sugar with natural sugars, increased the amount of good fats and protein to improve the overall nutritional profile of desserts, so you can enjoy your favorite dessert guilt free! Each of our products has balanced macros and is nutrient rich so you get a whole lot of goodness in every bite.

We produce food that loves you back!

Meet our team

Saad Umerani
Saad is a Venture Capitalist, Founder & CEO of the VC firm Enabling Future. He has previously worked in investment banking, management consulting and technology sectors. Saad received his Bachelors in Engineering from McMaster University in Canada. He is passionate about technology and crossfit.
Rashi Chowdhary
Founder & Chief Nutritionist
Rashi is a nutrition expert and diabetic educator. She has her clinical practice in Dubai and Mumbai. Her forte is helping people lose weight and manage their weight by stabilizing their insulin levels, healing their gut and balancing hormone health. She specializes in metabolic syndrome and lifestyle disorders.

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